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Twin Flames Exposed 5th Anniversary Edition (Kindle & ePub)

Twin Flames Exposed 5th Anniversary Edition (Kindle & ePub)

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The #1 international bestseller that started an empire within the twin flame space five years ago returns in its 5th Anniversary Edition. This includes the original groundbreaking text along with updates, new insights and a brand new foreword by author, Elle Hari.

This book's initial publication in 2017 turned the entire twin flame niche on its head with its raw telling of the divine truth that has been bastardized, misconstrued and ignored throughout spiritual and twin flame circles.

It catapulted Elle Hari into the ranks as one of the world's leading experts on twin flames and spiritual ascension. It had prompted its readers to reach out to Elle Hari for personal guidance and support resulting in the creation of the 100% successful Magnetize Your Twin Flame® Coaching Program and the Be With Your Twin Flame® brand which includes numerous aids to help guide people along their twin flame journeys - including the Be With Your Twin Flame® app and the Twin Flame Truth® podcast.

About this premium ebook:

The 5th Anniversary Edition of Twin Flames Exposed includes all of the original eye-opening text as well as the dispelling of additional myths that Elle Hari has encountered over the past five years of working with her thousands of students. It also includes practical advice about navigating the twin flame journey which Elle has perfected over the years and which her students have implemented with astounding success. As with the first edition, the insights within this edition have been channeled by Elle Hari from her own teacher, the pioneer of all twin flame teachings, Liora.

While the physical world is fluid and dynamic and in constant flux, truth is eternal and indiscriminate. Divine truth applies equally to everyone across the board, and it cannot be changed or broken.

Discover even more divine truth in this newest edition of Twin Flames Exposed and discover the freedom, love, peace, joy and abundance that it brings.


Reviewed in the United States on May 19, 2023

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