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Twin Flames Exposed (Kindle & ePub)

Twin Flames Exposed (Kindle & ePub)

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Welcome to the TRUTH...

Your soul led you here. Your soul is orchestrating everything, and your soul wants nothing more than for you to be with your twin flame.

Unfortunately, most of what you think you know about twin flames isn't true...and believing it is actually keeping you and your twin flame apart.

About this premium ebook:

In her debut book, TWIN FLAMES EXPOSED, author and twin flame facilitator, Elle Hari, reveals the most common myths and misinformation that are constantly being spewed by so-called experts regarding twin flames, and how these untruths are actually keeping you and your twin flame physically apart or stuck in the frustrating push/pull relating dynamic.

The first book in a series, it also acts as a prelude to - and essential first step along - the process of magnetizing your twin flame (back) into your physical life for good. Forget about stages, clearing karma, healing or any of that other nonsense. You can be with your twin flame when YOU'RE ready to do so...even if you've NEVER met your twin flame, aren't sure if you've met your twin flame, aren't on speaking terms with your twin flame or your twin flame is seeing someone else.

As you resonate with what's contained in this book, you'll release your limiting beliefs and open the door to the process of aligning with your self and your twin flame. YOU are in charge of being with your twin flame, and there's only one way to do that...through the soul.

You will finally understand why there's so much confusion and turmoil regarding twin flames, and how to begin the process of relating with your twin flame in the way you truly desire.

Although this book is written in a refreshing, straight up, down-to-earth and less "woo-woo" style than most books in this genre, make no mistake...this book holds the key to opening the ONLY door that could make a stable physical relationship with your twin flame possible in this lifetime.

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